100 Ways to Make $1,000 Dollars

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I’m not going to lie, this has been my toughest blog to write yet. Once again, my goal is to deliver you 52 blogs in 52 weeks that gives you quality content with actionable takeaways. I’m on vacation for the first time in a long time and it’s been hard to find the extra time to write this blog.

Here I am though, no excuses, blogging away at 9:49 pm in a retirement home in Mesa, Arizona. I decided to take my wife, mother-in-law and six month old down here to party with my grandparents for a few days, and thus far it’s been great.

100% Earned is straight up. I don’t know how else to say it. This website is for the top performers of the world, the everyday entrepreneurs, kick ass business owners and for the people who’re  actually looking for self-sustaining growth.

The reason I mention this is for a few different reasons. 1.) I don’t want readers to lose sight of my vision for this website. It’s important. 2.) I originally wanted to create a post called “100 Ways to Make $100 Dollars” - I decided to step it up a notch and make it worth everyone’s while. One hundred dollars is nice, but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t truly move the needle. One thousand dollars on the other hand does move the needle. Plus, my content is for people who truly value their time. $100 just doesn’t cut it. Even though it’s 10x harder, I wanted to deliver a list that counts for my 100% Earned readers. So I dug deep and thought of 100 different ways and strategies we ALL could use to make $1,000 extra dollars starting tomorrow.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t by now, I recommend signing up for the 100% Earned email list. This is a no bullshit email list that every entrepreneur, small business owner and top performer should be on. I send ONE email per month - Only 12 emails a year. So, yes, the content I email out is top quality. It has to be. I don’t believe in bullshit content and neither should you. This is exclusive content into my personal business investments, future business ideas and investment assets. This is raw and uncut content that hopefully will be of value to you and your business.

I have a problem, a big fucking problem… I’ve seen a few people I’m friends with on Facebook share this stupid status asking friends to join this “new app” and for every person that signs up they get money. Yes, you read that right, a digital pyramid scheme, but this time people are hitting up their closest family and friends on Facebook. This is actually what sparked this blog. These people immensely struggle from a having a poor mindset.

The picture below says it all. How desperate do you have to be to actually think this works? What’s worse, for most people sharing this digital pyramid scheme, they aren’t desperate. They’re just flat out lazy and want money the quickest and easiest way possible. Although making money is a good thing to know, this isn’t how you do it. It’s not sustaining. I plan to individually send this blog to everyone of them in hopes they actually try something that’s worthwhile, more rewarding, scalable, and something that actually makes them more money than posting that bullshit on Facebook.


Stop wasting time and start making money. If you’re about hustle, then these simple tactics when applied correctly will 100% work for you! Below you will find 100 ways to make $1,000 extra dollars. Of course, some of these are niche and apply to certain situation, but most can be modeled and duplicated and applied directly to your life. All of these tactics take work.

100 Ways to Make $1,000 Dollars

1.) eBay Flip & Hustle: This is one of the best ways to make a quick $1,000. Find some old shit, list it on eBay and sell it. The key here is you actually need something to sell. If you don’t have something worth $1,000 laying around, then it’s time to get creative.

Here’s what you do -- go to your local thrift shops and look for cheap items you can make at least a 30% profit on when you sell on eBay. Gary Vaynerchuk is known for this strategy when it comes to garage sale flipping.  Some popular items you can easily flip for a profit are Disney movies, coins, Gold (jewelry boxes, silverware, watches), tools.

2.) Freelance Write: This is SUCH a missed opportunity I can’t stress it enough. If you know how to WRITE you should easily be making $1,000 extra dollars on a monthly basis. I know a ton of great writers that don’t take advantage of how valuable this skill is.

In today’s digital world, business owners, entrepreneurs and creators need writers. Content is king and everyone is investing in content creation, aka writers! If you’re literate and even semi creative, you should be making extra money. Don’t know how to find your first writing gig? Check out UpWork.com or Freelancer.com. Both great sites that will make you money. At GoEdison we hire content writers left and write. Hell, if you’re a good writer, contact me directly at james@GoEdison.com - Let’s get you paid.

3.) Teach English: This sounds crazy right? Well it’s not. With the United States leading the pack in foreign exchange students going to school here, there is PRIME opportunity for you to teach your homeland language.

I’m in the process of currently prospecting a college kid to help GoEdison with some mundane tasks. He’s from Napol. I asked him what his biggest asset was? He response was golden. He said his biggest asset is knowing how to communicate. That’s ALL he focused on his first year in the United States was learning English and how to effectively communicate. I loved his response. What a great asset! Along those lines, many people will invest in the same thing. They know English is the universal language of the world, it’s in high demand to understand how to speak English. If you know it, then teach it. Make some money from it.

4.) Personal Training: I see “fit” people in the gym all the time and wonder “hmm, I bet they give personal one on one fitness lessons”. Odds are, they probably don’t give lessons at all. I’ve never understood why people who live in the gym don’t make money from it. Find a friend who can learn from you, charge them $50/per session and workout with them. Simple, one session pays for your 24 Hour Membership alone. If you have a passion for personal fitness, sell your knowledge and help someone benefit from what you already love.

5.) Teach Math: Another skill many people are good at which they don’t capitalize on. I was horrible at math in school. I failed every class I took when it came to math. I never passed a high school math course. All my math knowledge came from what I learned in elementary and middle school. Well, this is a big problem for me. I run a business, I do marketing, I make big time decisions from data I analyze. Just recently I reached out to a friend of mine who’s a high school math teacher. He’s giving me lessons for $40/per session. I’m paying him for a skill he’s proficient in that will substantially help me with all my business endeavors. Easy personal investment!

7.) Take your job outside: Whatever you do all day at your job start using those skills on your OWN time, charging your OWN rates. If you’re an accountant, get yourself some accounting gigs outside of your job. Charge family and friends for tax help. Figure out ways you can create a simple stream of revenue from doing what you ALREADY do, but do this on your OWN time.

8.) Dog Walking: This is a very simple gig that pays rather well. If you love dogs, get on your Nextdoor app and start charging your busy neighbors to walk their dogs. The average dog walker makes between $15 - $20 per dog. Walk three dogs a day and make $60 bucks. Not too bad considering you can make $300/per week for walking three dogs Monday - Friday. This is easy money that people pay for.

9.) Become a Virtual Assistant: This is a growing industry. Executive Assistants are slowly dying. They are expensive and now you can outsource your personal assistant needs to someone who works virtually for half the price. This doesn’t mean that your rate is going to be low. The average VA makes between $25 - $50/per hour. If you’re organized, have strong written and verbal skills, start selling yourself as a personal assistant. Need help on how to get started, check out this Denver based company here.

10.) Build Resumes: If you have a clean resume that you built yourself, you need to sell your services ASAP. The first side-gig I ever got was selling resume writing services on Groupon. I got so busy I had to turn-off my Groupon gig. I charged $50/per resume with an up-charge of $75/per resume if you wanted to keep the template yourself. You can automate this process rather easy. There are cheap and high quality resume services on Fiverr.com -- Pay them $10 to build resumes while you charge your customers $50 per resume. You’re making $40 profit without doing any of the work. Hell, come to think of it, you don’t even need resume writing skills to accomplish this model. Just find a trusted person to outsource to for cheap. Go out there and and start selling resume services. Easy money!

11.) Sell Your Influence: This only applies to you if you have some kind of social media following. Influencer marketing is become bigger and bigger. Brands are investing in influencers at a rapidly increasing rate.

For example: My wife and I have a friend that doesn’t know how to use a computer. I’m not even lying. He’s in his mid-40’s. He’s a gun advocate and loves his country, ammo and guns. He got an Instagram account and started posting about his guns. He posted a simple, but creative gun picture EVERYDAY. About six months into doing this he started getting a pretty niche gun following. Fast forward two years, this guy now has 10k plus Instagram followers and has ammo and gun brands pay him $500 per Instagram post. Check out his gun pictures here.

12.) Childcare: This is mainly for women. Yep, I think being a male in childcare is kinda creepy, I’ll say it. Anyway, this is a niche in high demand. Over 35% of schools in Colorado are moving to four day school-work weeks. This means there are 35% of families in need of ONE day of childcare. Undercut the corporate childcare prices and find ONE family for ONE day a week and become a day nanny. Good money that works with YOUR schedule.

13.) Sell Old Books on Amazon: This is similar to my first money item, eBay flipping. But it might be easier. How many old books do you have that you’ll probably never read? Probably a ton. You can go to a garage sale and buy a box of books for $2 bucks. List those books on Amazon for $10/each. I promise someone somewhere is looking to buy that book. No better place than Amazon, the largest produce search engine in the world!

14.) Car Wrap Advertising: This is something I’ve been curious in since I was a kid. I’d see these crazy cars driving around advertising a company. In middle school I actually had a friend whose dad did this. I was blown away that his dad actually didn’t work for the company, and got a monthly payment for having this wrap on his car! You can easily make at least $100/monthly by doing this. To apply to drive with a wrap, here’s a good resource to get started -- Click here.

15.) House Cleaning: This is a side hustle I think people need to take better advantage of. This is also one area I’m thinking about personally investing some capital in 2019. I’ll explain more in my 100% Earned Newsletter when I discuss my areas of low risk investments I’m considering.

If you want to make some quick cash, get on Craigslist or Nextdoor and start selling yourself as a solo housecleaner. I recommend creating a one page website talking about your cleaning services and rates. You can most likely charge $25 - $35/per hour for this.

There are 15 ways you can easily start making money with today. Not just making money, you can make north of $1,000 doing all these things when implemented and executed correctly and consistently. I promised you a list of 100 different models, strategies and tactics to make $1,000. Well, I’m giving the other 85 strategies away to my top performers on my 100% Email List in my January newsletter this month.

I give exclusive no BS content away to my email subscribers. They deserve more and they get more. So if you’re interested in more unique ways to invest in yourself and make money, then I suggest signing up for my newsletter. I’ll be giving away all one hundred of my money making tactics you can start implementing today.

16.) Get your Bail Bond Licence: This might sound stupid and a little odd, but hear me out first. I work with a guy in small-town who’s a bail bondsman in Burlington Iowa - He started out part-time and is now making over $65k a year doing part time bail!