Why This Website? 

We have it backwards in the United States. As kids we are taught to go to school, get good grades, graduate from school and then go in debt for college. Finally, around 25, we’re expected to graduate from college and hopefully get a good career, work our ass off, hope to climb the corporate ladder, save for retirement and then die…. It simply doesn’t work like this anymore. The days of our “Mom and Dads economy” are over. We have to start thinking and doing differently.

I’ll be direct; 100% Earned isn’t for everyone. This site is for Top Performers, ambitious Freelancers, ace Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and for anyone who has aspirations and want to become 100% self-sustaining.

I learned quickly, after years of being a key player in growing companies, if I didn’t have direct investment and ownership equity in them, I was limited. I was at the reins of someone else’s expense. The feeling of desperation, feeling financially limited, and overworked and under-appreciated inspired me to start my own business.

Every dollar I make is from an idea I thought, to an action I take, that translates to a business transaction. I’ve had a good months in business, and likewise, I’ve had bad months. Nonetheless, it’s all 100% on my shoulders.

Here at 100Earned.com you will get raw and uncut content about business, sales, leadership, entrepreneurship, personal finance and everything that comes along with my entrepreneurial endeavors.

I've made a personal goal to blog once a week for the entire year of 2018. All this content will be unedited, raw, and 1,000% real. Over the course of 2018 you will receive 52 blogs (both written and video) of the most uncut business content around. 


About James Harper - Author 100Earned.com

I’m no one special in terms of business. I haven’t sold a million dollar tech company, I don’t work 24/7, I know Gary Vee would hate me, and I’m not a millionaire (yet).

For the past seven years I’ve grown multiple businesses through direct sales, digital marketing, strategic partnerships and have developed some small authority in the personal branding world. I know how to create and execute. I’m a serial entrepreneur that is obsessed with creating opportunity that converts.

I’m currently the Founder and CEO of a small business marketing firm, GoEdison. This is my bread and butter and primary business. I’m also a Co-Founder in a rapidly growing cannabis oil company, WeThinkHealth. Furthermore I’m a member of a great marketing coalition group called Brontide, on a few non-profit Board of Directors and am a dedicated youth soccer coach. I’m your everyday entrepreneur that lives next door. At the end of the day I’m about quality people, problem solving and community. Today, I ask you join my entrepreneurial community.

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Professional headshot...Well, you know, just because it needs to be here. 

Professional headshot...Well, you know, just because it needs to be here.