Full Exclusive List: 100 Ways to Make $1,000

100 Ways to Make $1,000 Dollars

  1. eBay Flip & Hustle: This is one of the best ways to make a quick $1,000. Find some old shit, list it on eBay and sell it. The key here is you actually need something to sell. If you don’t have something worth $1,000 laying around, then it’s time to get creative.

Here’s what you do -- go to your local thrift shops and look for cheap items you can make at least a 30% profit on when you sell on eBay. Gary Vaynerchuk is known for this strategy when it comes to garage sale flipping.  Some popular items you can easily flip for a profit are Disney movies, coins, Gold (jewellery boxes, silverware, watches), tools.


2.) Freelance Write: This is SUCH a missed opportunity I can’t stress it enough. If you know how to WRITE you should easily be making $1,000 extra dollars on a monthly basis. I know a ton of great writers that don’t take advantage of how valuable this skill is.

In today’s digital world, business owners, entrepreneurs and creators need writers. Content is king and everyone is investing in content creation, aka writers! If you’re literate and even semi creative, you should be making extra money. Don’t know how to find your first writing gig? Check out UpWork.com or Freelancer.com. Both great sites that will make you money. At GoEdison we hire content writers left and write. Hell, if you’re a good writer, contact me directly at james@GoEdison.com - Let’s get you paid.


3.) Teach English: This sounds crazy right? Well it’s not. With the United States leading the pack in foreign exchange students going to school here, there is PRIME opportunity for you to teach your homeland language.

I’m in the process of currently prospecting a college kid to help GoEdison with some mundane tasks. He’s from Napol. I asked him what his biggest asset was? He response was golden. He said his biggest asset is knowing how to communicate. That’s ALL he focused on his first year in the United States was learning English and how to effectively communicate. I loved his response. What a great asset! Along those lines, many people will invest in the same thing. They know English is the universal language of the world, it’s in high demand to understand how to speak English. If you know it, then teach it. Make some money from it.


4.) Personal Training: I see “fit” people in the gym all the time and wonder “hmm, I bet they give personal one on one fitness lessons”. Odds are, they probably don’t give lessons at all. I’ve never understood why people who live in the gym don’t make money from it. Find a friend who can learn from you, charge them $50/per session and workout with them. Simple, one session pays for your 24 Hour Membership alone. If you have a passion for personal fitness, sell your knowledge and help someone benefit from what you already love.


5.) Teach Math: Another skill many people are good at which they don’t capitalize on. I was horrible at math in school. I failed every class I took when it came to math. I never passed a high school math course. All my math knowledge came from what I learned in elementary and middle school. Well, this is a big problem for me. I run a business, I do marketing, I make big time decisions from data I analyze. Just recently I reached out to a friend of mine who’s a high school math teacher. He’s giving me lessons for $40/per session. I’m paying him for a skill he’s proficient in that will substantially help me with all my business endeavors. Easy personal investment!


6.) Sell Old Movies: This is a money maker! Get your old VHS tapes that you have and sell them on eBay. This is an instant money maker. Niche up your vintage items and sell them!


7.) Take your job outside: Whatever you do all day at your job start using those skills on your OWN time, charging your OWN rates. If you’re an accountant, get yourself some accounting gigs outside of your job. Charge family and friends for tax help. Figure out ways you can create a simple stream of revenue from doing what you ALREADY do, but do this on your OWN time.


8.) Dog Walking: This is a very simple gig that pays rather well. If you love dogs, get on your Nextdoor app and start charging your busy neighbors to walk their dogs. The average dog walker makes between $15 - $20 per dog. Walk three dogs a day and make $60 bucks. Not too bad considering you can make $300/per week for walking three dogs Monday - Friday. This is easy money that people pay for.


9.) Become a Virtual Assistant: This is a growing industry. Executive Assistants are slowly dying. They are expensive and now you can outsource your personal assistant needs to someone who works virtually for half the price. This doesn’t mean that your rate is going to be low. The average VA makes between $25 - $50/per hour. If you’re organized, have strong written and verbal skills, start selling yourself as a personal assistant. Need help on how to get started, check out this Denver based company here.


10.) Build Resumes: If you have a clean resume that you built yourself, you need to sell your services ASAP. The first side-gig I ever got was selling resume writing services on Groupon. I got so busy I had to turn-off my Groupon gig. I charged $50/per resume with an up-charge of $75/per resume if you wanted to keep the template yourself. You can automate this process rather easy. There are cheap and high quality resume services on Fiverr.com -- Pay them $10 to build resumes while you charge your customers $50 per resume. You’re making $40 profit without doing any of the work. Hell, come to think of it, you don’t even need resume writing skills to accomplish this model. Just find a trusted person to outsource to for cheap. Go out there and and start selling resume services. Easy money!

11.) Sell Your Influence: This only applies to you if you have some kind of social media following. Influencer marketing is become bigger and bigger. Brands are investing in influencers at a rapidly increasing rate.

For example: My wife and I have a friend that doesn’t know how to use a computer. I’m not even lying. He’s in his mid-40’s. He’s a gun advocate and loves his country, ammo and guns. He got an Instagram account and started posting about his guns. He posted a simple, but creative gun picture EVERYDAY. About six months into doing this he started getting a pretty niche gun following. Fast forward two years, this guy now has 10k plus Instagram followers and has ammo and gun brands pay him $500 per Instagram post. Check out his gun pictures here.


12.) Childcare: This is mainly for women. Yep, I think being a male in childcare is kinda creepy, I’ll say it. Anyway, this is a niche in high demand. Over 35% of schools in Colorado are moving to four day school-work weeks. This means there are 35% of families in need of ONE day of childcare. Undercut the corporate childcare prices and find ONE family for ONE day a week and become a day nanny. Good money that works with YOUR schedule.


13.) Sell Old Books on Amazon: This is similar to my first money item, eBay flipping. But it might be easier. How many old books do you have that you’ll probably never read? Probably a ton. You can go to a garage sale and buy a box of books for $2 bucks. List those books on Amazon for $10/each. I promise someone somewhere is looking to buy that book. No better place than Amazon, the largest produce search engine in the world!


14.) Car Wrap Advertising: This is something I’ve been curious in since I was a kid. I’d see these crazy cars driving around advertising a company. In middle school I actually had a friend whose dad did this. I was blown away that his dad actually didn’t work for the company, and got a monthly payment for having this wrap on his car! You can easily make at least $100/monthly by doing this. To apply to drive with a wrap, here’s a good resource to get started -- Click here.


15.) House Cleaning: This is a side hustle I think people need to take better advantage of. This is also one area I’m thinking about personally investing some capital in 2019. I’ll explain more in my 100% Earned Newsletter when I discuss my areas of low risk investments I’m considering.


16.) Start Selling Your Soul on Fiverr: Fiverr is cool. I remember Fiverr when it was honestly just five bucks for whatever. It was pure madness back in 2008! Now you can sell anything on Fiverr for YOUR price. This is a great gig for writers, graphic designers, PR pros and anyone looking to give highschool like relationship advice.


17.) Snow Removal: This might sound ground level, but let me take it up a notch. So much so, I’ve actually considered starting a snow removal business. I have ZERO experience in this, btw. If you have a truck I’d go all in on this idea. Think about it - You’re only working four to five months on the side a year. Find a small business with a parking lot that they own, and tell them everytime it snows you will shovel their parking lot for $500. Make them sign a year contract with you, and then boom, you have guaranteed business every time it snows. Work like this is also easy to scale. You can delegate this type of work easily. Your main overhead is investing in a plow.


18.) Landscaping: Another old-school business model that’s easy to scale. I can guarantee you that a handful of people who live in your neighborhood are looking for a trustworthy landscaper. Don’t want to do the work, no problem. If you can get the jobs, you can hire work on Craigslist for $12/hour and charge the client $40/hour. If you know how to sell and play point guard in regards to communication, this could be a good gig for you.


19.) Carpet Cleaning: I love this gig, and again, it’s a good one to scale. If you want to make some good side cash, I recommend picking up a few carpet cleaning gigs. Investing in a carpet cleaner (used!) only costs you a couple hundred bucks. You could easily charge this per job. I knew a guy that had a carpet cleaner biz that had his 18 year old son running it. He paid his son $10/hour and charged $200 per cleaning. Not a bad gig for a trait that takes zero skill.


20.) Invest in Crypto: Want to make $1,000 in a month? Well, easy, I’d investe TODAY in a few different Cryptocurrencies. I’d take $500 and invest in Ripple and Ethereum right now. The key here is to sell once you double your money. I believe we’re in a hype bubble with crypto right now, but it’s not too late. Invest now, double your money, and GET OUT.  You can do this in 30 - 45 days. If you double your money before that mark, get out and be happy.


21.) Long Term Saving Bonds: This is 100% a long game. But if you want to make $1,000 I recommend buying a few different saving bonds. People hate this game, but it does appreciate money for you. You can always bank on a saving bond giving you at least 3% year over year. Well, if you’re playing the long game, invest in a few saving bonds. Easy f**cking money.


22.) Photography: This is pretty straight forward and a skill many people have. I think being a full-time photographer would be hard. I thinking doing it on the side to make a thousand bucks is MONEY IN THE BANK! If you’re a halfway decent photographer, I recommend selling your services for engagement photos, weddings and newborn photos. Each gig pays minimum a few hundred bucks. Take advantage of that camera in your closet you never use.


23.) Organization Consultant: This is a unique one, but one thing many people would pay for, myself included. If you’re an OCD freak you can provide a solution for people who live in chaos like myself. I’ve paid people to help me get organized before, and frankly, I should pay someone continually for their ability to keep me on track. If you can create a curriculum, and once again, you can sell, you have the ability to make some money.


24.) Hang Christmas Lights: Take advantage of the seasons that we all know have specific needs and niches. For this example, let’s take advantage of a major need during the holidays which is hanging Christmas lights. I used to have a client that offered this service, and I can’t lie, he made great money doing it. People pay to get time back, and hiring you saves time, therefore, there is a need for light hanging. Each house will at minimum pay a few hundred bucks for this. You can make $1k in a weekend.


25.) Rent A Room Out: Do you own a house? If so, you got a direct line to recurring money. Many aren’t fond of the idea of having a roommate, and I can’t blame them. If you don’t want someone living with you fulltime, get paid while you take a weekend vacation. More and more people are booking rooms on AirBnB. Take a weekend vacation and rent out your room. Do this once a month. Not only are you having a nice weekend getaway, you’re also getting paid.


26.) Detail and Wash Cars: This is pretty basic and profitable. Many people don’t want to clean their cars. Again, people hate cleaning, and people like time. Cleaning takes time, therefore they will pay! A simple car detail will make you about $100, that’s not including a car wash on top.


27.) Become a Bookkeeper: I love this idea and I’m shocked more people who are good with numbers and organization don’t take advantage of this. My sister-in-law is a bookkeeper. She should start a business and have multiple clients. She doesn't because she likes the flexibility she can have with her children. My point is this - most companies don’t want an internal bookkeeper. They want to outsource this and want it done quickly and efficient. It’s not hard to do if this is your focused niche. More people need to take advantage of this.


28.) Sell Old Textbooks: Earlier I mentioned the value of selling books in general. Let’s get more specific. Selling old textbooks is a great way to make a few hundred bucks. The problem here, it most likely won’t make you $1,000 like I promised this list would do. So here’s what you do - Go to Goodwill, ARC or Savers and find old textbooks to flip. I’ve personally done this and have struck gold everytime.


29.) Virtual Customer Service Rep: I think stay at home moms could really take advantage of this. If you’re good with people, written and verbal communication and have a friendly flare about yourself then you should be a virtual customer service rep. Here’s a list of places you can find these type of jobs at. Click here to view list.


30.) Freelance Yoga Star: Do you love yoga? Well, I got news for you - SELL YOUR DAMN SERVICE! It’s not hard to put together a yoga class. It’s also not hard to host a yoga class. If you’re a yogo star then you need to start getting paid for what you already love to do. Charge $10/per person, find an open park, create a MeetUp and then walla! You just made $150 for a 30 min yoga session.


31.) Start an eCommerce website: I hate this buzzword. This is actually really hard to do, but if you nail it, it will change your life. I’m still learning the ropes of eCommerce and it’s much harder than everyone makes it seem. (Once again, I sell CBD online!)


If you’re serious about an eCommerce venture, start looking on Alibaba for some cheap product you believe you can buy wholesale and flip for a decent profit margin. As they say “the more niche, the more rich!”


32.) Transcribe and Type!: If you’re a good typer you could make some decent side money. You might want to consider becoming a part-time transcriptionist. You essentially get audio, get paid to listen to that audio, then you type that audio down. Double bonus if you have legal/medical experience!


33. Start an Etsy Shop: You can thank my wife for this one. Not because she has an Etsy shop, but because she wishes she had one ha! This was 100% her idea and I think it’s great. If you’re crafty and creative you should be selling your product. Point, blank, period!


34.) Sunday Morning Breakfast Delivery: It’s not secret that delivery is becoming the standard in today’s world. Thanks Amazon!! Well, I’ve always thought a great side hustle would be to promote yourself as a Sunday morning breakfast pickup driver. Technically, I know of NO ONE doing this which is why I think it’s a great idea. Plus, one a cold Sunday morning, who wants to leave the house? This gig is unique, but 100% could work.


35.) Fix iPhone Screens: I have a super smart brother-in-law who does this and if he got serious about it he could make some killer cash. If you’re techy and have strong attention to detail start promoting yourself as someone who fixes iPhone glass and screen repair. No one wants to take their broken iPhone back to their service provider. They know they will get charged out the ass for any damage. Learn how to fix iPhone screens and you can easily charge $80 to $100/per phone. This takes about five minutes to do. Don’t believe me, well you can learn here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6O-bGY_1dM


36.) Sell Your Grandmas Clothes: This sounds creepy doesn’t it? Well, it’s true. You’d be surprised how much vintage clothes go for. Just like we talked about flipping old books on Amazon, you’d be amazed about how fast you can make a profit selling vintage clothes on eBay.


37.) Old School Handyman: Are you one of those people that can fix anything? SELL YOUR SERVICE THEN! So many people are handy and good at around the house fixes. This is a need you can easily charge for. I suck at around the house handyman type stuff. I pay a guy $40/hour to do things I should know how to do. Seriously, this is a trait most people have but very little take advantage of.


38.) Website Flip: If you know how to build a website then you have a TON of opportunity to make money. This, especially though, takes some creativity. My recommendation is to find a unique domain name that’s super niche, build a clean designed site and then sell it on Flippa.com. Most basic level sites sell for around $200.


39.) Teach Excel: Are you good at making excel spreadsheets? Well if so, you have an opportunity of a lifetime. (Bet you didn’t think you’d ever hear that!) There are companies out there that would pay for you to come in and teach their staff Excel. Furthermore, there are many individuals out there willing to pay to learn this trait. If you’re an Excel wizard, start niche selling your expertise.


40.) Sell Greeting Cards: My wife loves greeting cards. She also loves making them. The problem is --- you guessed it! --- she doesn’t sell them! Listen, go on Etsy right now and look up how many awesome greeting card vendors there are! This is a creative and crafty skill that could easily become a nice side hustle.


41.) Cold Call: I personally love this one. I hate cold calling, but I’ve become obsessed with it over the years. I view it as a challenge and it’s always been a great lead-gen tool for my businesses. If you have the guts, I’d outsource cold calling from your house! A TON of companies would pay for this, including myself. In matter of fact, if you want to make money today by cold calling - email me now - james@goedison.com


42.) Sell Old Children’s Clothes: Do you have kids? Well, odds are you probably can make some decent cash from their old clothes. Furthermore, you can shop for baby clothes and literally resell them to other second hand stores for money. Flipping movies, books and clothes has become a theme on this list.


43.) Food Truck: Okay, this is more of a business, and I get it, so let’s start smaller. Have you ever went to a baseball game and before you hit the park there are people selling bottles and popcorn for like half the stadium price? Well, you can make some damn good money doing this if you’re not too prideful! I did this once when I was 18 years old and made $500 in four hours.


44.) Outsourced IT: Are you good with computers and electronics? If so, start selling your expertise today. SOOOO many people will pay for you to help them get technology setup correctly via computer, smart systems and phones.


45.) Create Custom Business Cards: If you have any basic knowledge of design and print then this is a great opportunity for you. People, for all different reasons, buy a TON of business cards on a daily basis. Every person who THINKS they want a business buys business cards, even if that’s all they ever do. Start creating custom made business cards and become the local card retailer. Great way to build a network of business owners, too.


46.) Resale Furniture: This is a very easy one. Find furniture for cheap at garage sales, then hit up Craigslist and sell it. I’ve done it time and time again and will always make a quick few hundred bucks in one weekend doing this. Do This for a month and make $1,000!


47.) Daddy Boot Camp: This is genius. I went to some ‘paid meetup’ about a year ago before I became a father. My brother-in-law and I both went and each paid $60 for the class. It was cool, but it was overly simple and the person who put this on made a killing. His business was great - Talk about the truths of fatherhood, reassure it will be okay and bring in some of his dad friends to share their story. Easily make $1,000/per class.


48.) Office Photography: I know we’ve already mentioned photography on this list, but let’s niche it up a little bit and undercut the pricing so you beat ALL the competition. Companies pay great money to have their offices displayed nicely and shoot properly. Again, if you can work a camera with minor skill, call up your local small businesses and shoot their offices for $200 each.


49.) Start an FBA Store: This is a major opportunity that we all need to take advantage of, including myself. FBA stands for - Fulfillment By Amazon. It’s rather cheap to create a store. Find cheap products that you enjoy and start getting attention to your FBA store. Amazon does all the shipping and customer service. I’ll be looking into this as a potential business investment area, too. You can easily make $500/month from this.


50.) Sell Baked Goods: Are you a good cook, and more specifically a baker? Sell your baked goods! Everyone loves sweets and every city has local markets you can set up a booth at for the weekend and make some good money.


51.) Fashion Consulting: Calling all ladies who have swagger and confidence! If this is you, and you have a clean eye for how OTHER professionals should dress then I’d start a fashion consulting business providing executives direction on what to wear. I think this is a niche that will start becoming more and more relevant in the next few years. MARK MY WORDS!


52.) Do People’s Homework: This might be sleazy, but hey, I know it will make you a quick $1,000. Many people will pay YOU to their homework. Some college kids will pay $200/per paper. The problem? Finding people who continually need this service.


53.) Sell Custom Shirts: This is a rather simple business model that always tends to bring quick cash in the door. Shirts are cheap to make. Come up with something cleaver, relevant or currently trending and I can GUARANTEE you will sell some shirts and make some good money doing so.


54.) Affiliate Marketing: It seems like everyone I talk to wants to get into affiliate marketing and believe they can do it passively. Well, I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s tough, but once you nail it down it’s more than profitable! Focus on a certain niche and create a shit-ton of great content around that niche. This is the best way to drive traffic to your affiliate site. Oh yeah, don’t make it look all spammy and saleslike. Be human.


55.) Garage Door Cleaners: This is a great business very few know about, but it’s PROFITABLE! I used to know a entrepreneur who invested in a team of teenagers to clean peoples garage doors. Garage doors are actually tough to clean and get dirty easy. Invest in a washer and hire your neighborhood kids to clean peoples garages for $10/hour while charging $55 per garage door.


56.) Write Press Releases: Again, if you can write you can make money. I hire someone to write all my company’s and clients press releases. I spend hundreds to have the right press release go out the door. If you know how to write, learn to write lean and mean AP formatted content for press release promotion.


57.) Be A Email Gate: What I mean by being an email gate is helping people keep their inbox organized and clean. Trust me, I hate having a messed up inbox and have often thought about hiring someone to take care of email for me. This is an easy gig if you find the right executive to work for.


58.) Upcycle: This is not only a good way to make some extra money, it’s also good for the earth which is important. Get paid to essentially go out there and find recyclable items. Back when I was a kid my grandma used to have us collect cans and sell them for five cents a can...I guess she was on to something.


59.) Sell Fruit: I just visited Arizona and I loved how you could walk outside and pick fruit from the trees. Fresh, organic and delicious! Well, one guy was smart and picked fruit from his tree, put it in a box, and sold the fruti for $2/each. Genius! Zero overhead!


60.) Essential Oils: If you really want to hit a hot niche you need to explore the essential oils niche. You can buy wholesale, or create your own, either works. This alternative solutions niche is HOT and very profitable. Oh yeah, did I mention I dabble in the holistic health realm with my cannabis oil company?


61.) Become a Notary: I love this idea. So much so I bought a few domains around this niche. Earlier this year I thought I would start a notary business with my wife. Look up the state requirements for you to officially legalize documents, pay the $40 fee and pass the test and become a notary pro! Some people pay upward of $75/per document for a mobile notary.


62.) Haircuts: This might sound elementary, but it’s a nice way to earn decent cash on the side. First, most people can learn how to give a fade, second, if you can already cut hair there is NO reason why you shouldn’t be selling your service out of your house.


63.) Become a Tutor: Were you a good student? Or even better, were you an average student that was really good at ONE thing, like science? (Which I sucked at!) - If so then you should consider tutoring. This isn’t limited to kids. Most adults pay for one on one lessons as well. Sell your expertise, even if it was only used in school.


64.) Sell Breast Milk: This is one of my favorites! I just recently had my first child back in July. When my son was born, my world opened up in a new light and I’ve learned a TON of shit I never thought I’d know about….Yes, like breast milk. Throughout my new fatherhood process I’ve learned that you can buy and sell breast milk. If you’re a female that produces breast milk at scale then you can sell it by the ounce! Not only is the the most unique way to make $1,000 on this list, it’s also very helpful for the little babies in the NICU around the world!


65.) Proofread Documents: Listen, I won’t lie, I’ll be the first to admit I need a proofreader, and frankly, I’ve consider hiring one. If you’re good with grammar you can get paid. Don’t like to write, screw it, proofread instead. There are gigs galore out there for you!


66.) Sell Your Photos: Everyone has a few badass pics they’ve snapped with their iPhone, right? Well, if so, now you can sell them. Check out this website and get paid for your photos!


67.) Teach Chess: Are you good at Chess? If you are, then I’d recommend, again, selling your expertise. Many parents believe Chess makes their kids smarter, and their probably right. While that might be true, these parents are also willing to pay for lessons. Undercut the regular Chess coaches out there and charge your own rate on your own schedule.


68.) Test Drive Cars: This is a cool gig, especially if you want something easy with almost zero follow up. It’s a bonus if you love cars. Many places will pay to have you test drive cars. I’ve heard of people getting paid $50 to test drive a car for a few miles. Not a bad gig, huh? Want to know where to find places that pay like this, check out BestMark.


69.) Sell Sports Memorabilia: I once thought I would create a memorabilia site with my brother and sell all of my sports collectables. Although that didn’t go through, it was a good idea. I can’t emotionally let go of any of my Denver Bronco gear. But if you’re willing to part ways with your sports collectables that sit in a box, I’m SURE you can make some damn good money selling it.


70.) Pick Up Dog Poop: So I’m not going to lie, this is one of my investment areas I’ll be exploring in 2019. I’ve know TWO very successful entrepreneurs that have ran dog poop businesses and both made great money doing so. This isn’t the last time you will read about this from me.


71.) Sell Woodworking: Are you a craftsman? If so, consider selling your woodworking. My brother is a beautiful artist when it comes to crafting wood. When he decides to get real about business, he will make some good money from his art.


72.) Online Surveys: If I’m being honest, I think this is a pretty lame one. And if I’m being even MORE honest - making $1,000 off doing online surveys would be hard. This is a way, but I have listed 71 better ways to make money up until this point.


73.) Sell Your School Notes: This is creative and a hot market. Sell your school notes to your fellow students. You can even sell basic term notes online. You invested time in taking these notes, might as well get paid for it! Here’s a good site to get started.


74.) Give Acting Lessons: Are you a drama nerd? Do you love to act? If so, there is a major chance you can pick up some side work giving acting lessons. A good friend of mine Matt Need gives acting lessons every Sunday. He has fun and has definitely made more than $1k doing it!  


75.) Guitar Lessons: This one’s pretty basic, but again, one MANY don’t take advantage of. If you can play the guitar, or any instrument for that matter, you should be giving lessons. My Co-Founder helps me run a six figure business and still gives drum lessons on the side!


76.) Tax Consulting: If you have ANY baseline knowledge about taxes you can get some extra money here. People will outsource any tax type of tax help they can get. People hate taxes. If you know how to do taxes, get paid while doing them.


77.) Automotive Work: Listen, I suck at working on cars and doing anything handy. I hire people to do these things for me. Many people know how to work on cars. If this is you, set up a few side gigs and make a few hundred bucks per job. People would rather pay you than a dealership.


78.) Database Work: A ton of companies need people to add/mine/and manage their internal databases. If you’re good with spreadsheets, understand work-flows and can segment data I’m confident there is a gig out there that will pay you to work from home.


79.) Podcast: I love this idea, and maybe one day even 100Earned.com will become a podcast, who knows? If you have a niche passion, I suggest starting a podcast. It’s a great way to keep your passion relevant in your life and once you develop an audience you can gain sponsorship. This sounds easier than it is, but if done correctly, it’s more than worth it.


80.) Catering: Again, if you can cook, you can get paid. I’d offer to host events, cater weddings and look for side gigs that you can save hosts time with by cooking for them. Catering business can become very lucrative, not a bad investment if you’re good in the kitchen.


81.) Estate Sale Lurking: This is another way to find things to flip on Craigslist or eBay. Find local estate sales, find some cool sh*t and sell it on all platforms.


82.) Haul Things: This is a unique way to make money but I like the creativity. If you have a truck offer to haul things away for people. Put a $20 ad on Craigslist and I can promise you that you will be busy hauling junk all day!


83.) Become A Mentor: Believe it or not there are programs out there that match you up with people who need life mentors. Checkout Life-Mentor.com - Either way, this isn’t a bad deal if you’re not afraid to invest in people.


84.) Social Media Management: If you’re good with finding content, creating engaging content, you can spell and have a personality, well then you can get a job as a freelance social media manager. This is a great gig for anyone really wanting to venture out on their own. Companies will pay you easily $500/month to manage their social media.


85.) Sell Your Art: Are you an artist, of any kind? This could be graphic design, paint, or whatever! If you can create art, the truth is you can probably sell it if you market it correctly. People like unique things, and if you’re art is creative and unique, put a price on it.


86.) Singing Lessons: I think singing is a VERY undervalued skill. If you can sing, please do us all a favor and teach us how to sing… Lord knows the world needs it! Don’t just teach the world how to sing, charge us while doing it.


87.) Teach People How to Spell: So many people in today’s world suck at writing. I’m one of them. I’m not a great writer or speller. With that said, some people pay upwards of $40/hour to learn how to spell and write better. If you’re savvy with writing (once again!), sell your damn services!


88.) Mock Interviews: I once got paid by a lady in France to do a mock interview with her. I played as her employer and i had to ask her tough questions. She passed and got the job! Either way, I was paid $25 for a 10 minute mock interview. After looking up Fiverr, there are a TON of people who capitalize on this gig.


89.) Pain Houses: If you’re good at using a paintbrush and understand how to mix paint, well you got yourself a side job! Painting houses, fences or sheds is a very good side gig. It’s also one (which I’d prefer) to outsource for cheaper money and have someone else to the gig but you get paid for their work!

The Gig Economy

The last 10 I’ll be listing off without descriptions because you’re already familiar with them. We’re now living in what’s called the gig economy. We can work ‘for’ companies but don’t have to be loyal to them. Furthermore, technology and gigs combined have allowed us to work more flexible schedules that allow us to have different gigs if we desire.

10 Gig Jobs to Consider:

  • Uber

  • Lyft

  • Amazon Fresh

  • Postmates

  • JustAnswer.com

  • Care.com

  • Walmart Fresh

  • AmazonFlex

  • TryCaviar.com

  • DoorDash.com